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Recovery of Deleted Photos from iPod

Are you worried about how to recover deleted photos from iPod? Looking for a suitable solution which helps you in getting back deleted pictures from iPod? No need to bother, as you landed on a right place because here you’ll get full guidance with proper solution to restore deleted photo files from iPod. The iPod picture recovery software is one of the best and effective photo recovery utility which helps users to retrieve deleted photo files from iPod Nano and Classic and moreover it also helps you to recover media files from iPod and from various other data storage devices in just few simple clicks.

As we all know photos are the best way to live unforgettable moments of your life. So losing such pictures from Apple iPod is very painful. Like you there are many other iPod users across the world facing the problem of lost picture files. There are many reasons due to which photos are deleted from the iPod, but the most common is the accidental deletion of photos from the iPod instead of deleting unwanted or poor quality pictures. This common human mistake causes a lot to the user because it will take away all your amazing and cherished moments of life with itself. Now, if you want to live all the amazing moments of your life again by recovering those deleted photos from iPod, then just make use of iPod picture recovery tool because its advance data recovery algorithms performs a deep drive scan to recover deleted photos from iPod. With the help of this software you can also retrieve deleted picture files from digital camera in just few simple clicks.

Improper or sudden ejection of iPod from the computer during a file transfer process corrupts its file system. Due to which iPod becomes inaccessible, in such miserable situation the only solution which makes your iPod accessible again is by formatting the iPod which eventually erases the stored photos from the iPod. What you’ll do if you don’t have any backup file of those erased picture files, you don’t need to worry as we are there to help you out in recovering pictures from formatted iPod with the help of iPod picture recovery software. This software also facilitates user to restore deleted pictures from Canon camera and supports recovery of picture files from other brands of digital camera like Sony, Panasonic, Fujifilm and many more.

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As most of the users over the globe thinks that simple deletion or by formatting a iPod will erases the stored data permanently. No, this is not true because deleting a file from the iPod just removes the pointer directing towards the stored file and sets the particular space empty to store new data as your original picture file remains there until and unless it gets overwritten with new files. So you can easily recover deleted photos from iPod with the help of this software. Industry experts having years of experience in the field of data recovery designed this software with a simple user interface so that even an amateur user can recover deleted photos from iPod without facing any complications.

Perform few simple steps to recover deleted pictures from your iPod:

Step A: Launch the trial version of the software and on the main window choose "Recover Photos", as shown in Fig A. On the next window, select "Recover Deleted Photos" option.

Recover Deleted Photos from iPod - Welcome Window

Fig A: Main Window

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Step B: Then select your iPod from the list of drives and then choose photo file formats to recover, as shown in Fig B. Click “Next” to proceed further.

Recover Deleted Photos from iPod - Select File Signature

Fig B: Select File Types

Step C: The software displays a list of retrieved photo files & other media files, as shown in Fig C. Right-click on a picture to “Preview” it prior to purchasing the software.

Recover Deleted Photos from iPod - Recovered Photos

Fig C: Retrieved Pictures

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