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Software to Recover Deleted Documents from Hard Drive

Losing important documents from hard disk drive or from any other data storage drive is becoming one of the major and frustrating problems which is faced by most of the users over the globe. In today's world, almost every user store all kinds of documents which may be either business related or personal in their hard disk drive. Losing such documents from hard drive is always unbearable, and there are many reasons due to which documents get deleted from the hard disk drive. To solve this problem and to recover deleted documents from hard drive, professional software engineers having years of experience have developed software named as data recovery software. This advance software is reviewed and recommended by many industry experts to retrieve deleted documents from hard drive or from any other data storage drive.

There are many reasons due to which user faces data loss problem, but the most common problem arises due to common human errors. Sometimes, users accidentally deleted important documents instead of deleting any other file or folder using "Shift + Delete" key combination. The file or folder deletion operation performed using this key combination will not move the file to the Recycle Bin, it means you cannot recovered the deleted document from Recycle Bin. In such case of file deletion, just make use of data recovery application which easily recovers deleted documents from hard disk in just few mouse clicks. This advance data recovery tool also helps user to retrieve deleted data from IDE hard drive in just few simple mouse clicks.

The other reason which results in deletion of documents from hard drive is because of size of the Recycle Bin or due to size of the document which is deleted. This miserable situation occurs when the size of the Recycle Bin reaches its maximum size limit due to which it automatically starts deleting old files to free some space to store new files and sometimes the document that you deleted having a size bigger than the recycle Bin then the document automatically bypasses the Recycle Bin. In both the cases which causes data loss problem, the solution is only one i.e. data recovery tool. And this powerful application also facilitates you to restore deleted data from Solid State Drive in just few easy steps. It is an excellent recovery tool that can retrieve data from Iomega hard drive and other hard drives like Western Digital, iomega, Toshiba, Intel, Fujitsu etc.

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Sometimes, virus or malware infection from the internet or from any other data storage device results in deletion of important documents. Whenever the system is attacked by viruses, users make use of anti-virus program or any third party utility to remove them. But, sometime it happens during the scanning process, the infected document which is difficult to repair will be deleted by the anti-virus program. If you are the one who is facing this problem of data loss, then go ahead and use this powerful data recovery software and recover deleted documents from hard disk drive. This software is designed with a simple user interface so that even a amateur user can recover deleted documents from hard drive and from other data storage device without facing any complications. This software canbe preferably used to perform recovery from SATA hard drive and also from SATA/IDE/ATA hard disks.

Perform these simple steps to restore deleted documents from hard drive:

Step A: Launch the free trial version of the software and on home window select "Recover Files", and then on next window choose "Recover Deleted Files" option, as shown in Fig 1.


Recover Deleted Documents - Select Recover Deleted File option

Fig 1 : Choose Recover Deleted Files

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Step B: On next window select your hard disk partition from a list of logical drives and then click on "Next", as shown in Fig 2.

Recover Deleted Documents - Choose HDD

Fig 2: Select Hard Disk

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Step C: A window for file format selection gets displayed, as shown in Fig 3. After selecting the file signatures, click on "Next" to proceed further.

Recover Deleted Documents - Choose File Attributes 

Fig C: Select File Signatures

Step D: A list of recovered documents gets displayed on the next window, as shown in Fig 4. Upon choosing "File Type View" or "Data View" option, right-click a file to "Preview" it prior to purchasing the licensed version.

Recover Deleted Documents - Data View / File Type View of Recovered Files

Fig 4: Retrieved Document List

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