Recover Recycle Bin
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Recover My Deleted File

  • Excellent tool to retrieve files deleted from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 partitions, drives.
  • Ability to get back deleted files from Windows 8, Windows 7, Win XP and Win Vista.
  • Recover files deleted accidentally from hard drives such as Serial ATA, PATA, IDE & SCSI etc.
  • Capable of getting back deleted files due to causes like Shift + Delete, Recycle Bin surpass, file system conversion error, power surge etc.

Want to Take Back Deleted Files from your Computer?

Many of us delete vital and very important files from computer due to so many different reasons. Often we delete files stored in the system by mistake. Storing a huge number of files in the computer makes it perform slower. So most of us delete such files by using certain key combinations such as Shift + Delete, Command + Delete etc. Sometimes just by hitting a simple delete button you will lose an important file from your PC. You will find various such usual and unusual reasons which can be held responsible for the deletion of files. Some of us also empty the recycle bin and lose major files as a result. By accidentally emptying the recycle bin already deleted files will be permanently erased off from the computer. By many other ways files saved in the system gets deleted very quickly. But there is a way to get back the deleted files. It is possible to rescue the files that are deleted accidentally or purposely with the help of recover my deleted file software.

How useful is this software?

This application is a multipurpose one and you can use it to get back files such as pdf, program files etc. that are deleted unintentionally. With the help of this excellent tool you can surely redeem files of various types that are erased from command prompt. There are different categories of viruses and some of them are so dangerous that they can completely change the structure of a file and thus lead to the severe damage. If your crucial files got deleted due to malicious virus invasion then in such a worst situation you can definitely use this powerful software to regain such deleted files. For some more details regarding this software you just need to visit

Files that are accidentally deleted from external drives such as USB Thumb drive can be rapidly got back by making best use of this application. Major files that are deleted while repartitioning a hard disk can be very easily rescued with the help of this amazing program. With the aid of this utility it is possible to rescue files that are deleted due to some third party applications. Files that bypass Windows recycle bin get deleted within seconds which results in high data loss. It is possible to take back files that exceed recycle bin size by using this safe and easy to use tool.

Different scenarios for file deletion:

When a computer system performance reduces and it becomes slow we go about deleting the unwanted files that we have stored in it. While selecting the unwanted files to be deleted we also choose some very important files and delete them within seconds by mistake. This is nothing but accidental deletion which is the most common file deletion scenario. Also it is a common practice to delete files that are least important to free the hard disk space. Forcefully you may have to delete off some crucial files in order to save the disk space and in this way files get deleted from a system. Files that are already deleted get permanently deleted due to accidental emptying of recycle bin. By mistake if you choose to permanently delete the files in the bin then you will end up losing vital files. Files lost under these scenarios can be easily taken back by using this utility which is ultimate software to get back deleted files after system restore.

Recent Updates

Recover Deleted Files from CF Card: CF card is a portable storage device on which one can store any type of file. But sometimes, files stored on CF card may get deleted due to several reasons, and in such situations you need to make use of an excellent recovery application known as Recover Deleted File Software. To get more info about deleted file recovery from CF card, visit:

Permanently Delete Documents: Remo MORE is a secure file shredding application that helps you erase documents permanently, without letting for any recovery.This software completely wipes deleted data using various shredding patterns leaving no traces of critical data.

Recover Deleted PowerPoint : Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation program developed by Microsoft. It is commonly used in business and offices. If you have deleted the presentation file accdentally, then no need to worry. You can retrieve file using Deleted PowerPoint File recovery.


Steps to be followed to get back deleted files:

Step 1: Once you get to see the main screen just hit on "Recover Deleted Files" option to take back files that are deleted accidentally.

Recover My Deleted File - Main Window

Figure 1: Main Window

Step 2: From the next screen select the drive which contains the deleted file. As soon as you choose the drive scanning process will begin.

Recover My Deleted File - Select Logical Drive

Figure 2: Select Logical Drive

Step 3 : Once the scanning and rescue process is done the software will let you to preview the rescued files. Just click on the "Preview" option to view the rescued files. To avoid the rescanning of your disk you need to click on "Save Recovery Session" option.

Recover My Deleted File - View Recovered Files 

Figure 3: View Recovered Files

Step 4: Finally if you are satisfied with the performance of this software you can purchase it and activate it to load the previously scanned and saved recovery session.